Hearts Gin Launches

After about 20 years of running his own business, selling computer games and later, running a software company, Rob Miles, from Coven, felt it was time for a change.  As he says, he had spent a large portion of his business life selling ‘bags of fresh air’ and it was time to start selling something that you could touch feel smell and even taste.

Rob wanted to be able to hand his creation to someone and say “I made that.” He was always a whiskey drinker and loved the complexity of the different taste that could be created from a relatively simple process. It was not until his wife, Sally, convinced him that Gin was a better drink, because it was clear it had no calories, so he decided to try and drink Gin instead.

Rob says, “Again I was blown over by the range of flavours and even textures that can be created from this magical process called distilling. I have spent the last three years researching and learning about this alchemy and it is now time to launch our own business ‘Hearts Distillery’.  The name came about from various factors all coming together. Firstly we are based in Staffordshire the Heart of the country and our family home is absolutely full of hearts in various shapes and sizes but more importantly I found that as part of the distilling process the first element is called the ‘Heads’ which tends to be discarded and towards the end of the distillation run its is known as the ‘Tails’ This leaves the sweet spot in the middle that all producers use to create their unique spirits and this is known as the ‘Hearts’.

The gin will be produced from the couples’ home in Coven and will involve the whole family to some extent.  Rob’s had business cards made for each of their three daughters.  Florie is Chief Creative Officer, Elsa is Miss Chief Officer and Isobel is Chief Smile Officer.

So, if you want a gift idea for a birthday or Christmas, this might just solve your problem.

Bottles of the gin can be purchased from the website

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